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Collections and Collectors Catalogues of American and Far and Near Eastern Art.

S.I. Nos.

2145/2146/ Japanese Pictorial Art. One Hundred Masterpieces selected by the Members of the Faculty of  the Tokyo Fine Art School. In Two Volumes, within one portfolio. Published by the Shimbi Shoin, Tokyo,1907.

2147. Japanese Paintings - Portfolio of reproductions, after Korin.
(Gift from Bunschichi Kobayashi, Dec.10, 1901.)

2148. Frederick Keppel & Co. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings by Sir Seymour Haden. New York, 1901. 

2149. Frederick Keppel & Co. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings by Sir Seymour Haden. New York, 1903.

2150. Frederick Keppel & Co. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings and Dry-Points by C. A. Platt. New york,1907.

2151. Frederick Keppel & Co. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Etchings, Dry-Points and Mezzotints, by Sir Seymour Haden, New York, 1910.

2152/2163. Kin Shu-so, the Research of Bronze and Stone. Compiled by Hun Jen-peng. The publication began in 1821 and accomplished in 1824. In twelve volumes, within two portfolios.

2164. Dr. Kishi. Catalogue of China ware his his collection.
Tokio, 1917.
(Gift from T. Masuda, Tokio, 1917.)

2165/2166. M.  Knoedler & Co. Catalogueof Early Chinese Paintings of the Tang, Sung and Yuan Dynasties. On Exhibition at Knoedler's Galleries, New York, December, 1914. 2 copies.
(Catalogue written by Dr. John C. Ferguson.)

2167/2168. Korin School: Masterpieces Selected, with biographical sketches of the artists of the school and some critical descriptions. By Shichi Tajima. In two vols. Published by Shimbi Shoin, Tokyo, 1903.
Pur.from B. Matsuki, Nov. 1904.) 38.00

2169. Kioto Museum Catalogue.

2170. Korin and Kenzan Meisakushu. Illustrated.
(Pur.from Samurai Shokai, Yokohama,July,1910) 6.50

2171/2172/2173. Collection of 36 Post Cards of Curios Preserved at the Koya Temple. In three volumes.

2174/2179 Hon. Bei-wo Kawasaki's collection of Paintings, Porcelains, Potteries, Bronzes, Lacquers and Jade. From China and Japan. Catalogue in six Volumes, compiled as a memorial to Mr. Kawasaki and called "The Choshun-Kwaku-Kwan-Sho." Kobe, Japan, November 3, 1914. ( Accompanied by Trabslation) Gift
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