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Collections and Collectors Catalogues of American and Far and Near Eastern Art.

S. I. Nos.

2214. F. Jarre. Catalogue Erzeugnisse Islamischer Kunst.
Teil I: Metall. Berlin, 1906.

2215. Society of Art Collectors. COmparative Exhibition of Native and Foreign Art. New York, 1904.

2216-2217. F. Sumitomo Private Collection of Bronze. Catalogue, in two volumes.
(Gift from Mr. Sumitomo, Osaka, January, 1912.)

2218. Paintings by Sesshu Gashu. Illustrated Portfolio. pub 1909
(From Samurai SHokai, Yokohama, Summer, 1909.) Shimbi Shoiu

2219. Paintings by Sotatsu. Illustrated Portfolio. pub 1913
(Gift from Yamanaka & Co., 1914) Shimbi Shoiu

2220-2231. Selected Relics of Japanese Art. 12 Volumes. 2 copies each of volumes 1 and ii, and one copy each of Cols III to X, inc. edited by S. Tajima.

2232. St. Botolph Club. Catalogue of Exhibition of Paintings by T. W. Dewing. January 24, 1898 to February 10, 1898, inclusive. 2 copies.

2233. Pennsylvania Museum. Catalogue of Exhibition of Tiles.
Philadelphia, 1915.

2234. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Catalogue of Exhibition of Paintings by Ten American Painters. Philadelphia, April 11 to May 3, 1908.

2235. Pan-American Exposition. Catalogue of the Exhibition of Fine Arts, Buffalo, 1901.

2236-2237. Panama-Pacific Internation Exposition. Catalogue de Luxe of the Department of Fine Arts, in Two Vols.

2238-2243. To do Mei Sho Zukai. " Famous Chinese Landscape Views," in six volumes. Written in Japanese, dated 1806, translated from old Chinese.

2244. Shinzo Takata's Private Collection of Japanese Art Objects.
Tokio, Japan.

2245-2246 Temples--Photographic Reproduction of Japanese Temples, in two volumes.
(Gift drom Mr. S. Yamanaka.)
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