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You are up in the north-west suburbs of Kyoto. The busy town hes off at your left and behind you. This path under the maples is one of many through the park belonging to an old Buddhist monastery. Temples here almost invariably have beautiful surrounding and such gardens are favorite pleasure resorts for the people. The pond here beside the path is stocked with tame carp.

These gentle-mannered girls are geishas (professional singers and dancers) from a tea-house not far away. They are accomplished damsels, whose social position is much like that of pretty actresses in the European capitals. Many marry well and retire from public life, after spending years of immensely hard work in learning the various accomplishments expected in their profession. Their dress here is such as any Japanese ladies of the same age might wear, quiet in color, with the obi, that curious stiff sash of silk brocade, to give it a touch of brilliant hues. The greatest pains are taken to tie the broad sash exactly so, with broad flat folds. A cushion is often inserted underneath to give the bow its peculiarly thick appearance.

Notice the sled-shaped clogs these damsels wear. The wooden things look clumsy, and a foreigner wonders how that strap over the toes holds them on. The white stockings worn over the feet have the great toe separated like the thumb in a mitten. 

Respectable women indulge in only a few hairpins and similar decorations.

If you wish to say "How do you do," Konniche wa conveys your idea. "It is fine weather to-day" might be rendered by Konniche wa, yoi tenki de gozaimasu. When these damsels take leave of each other they will again bow profoundly and say Sayonara ("Good-bye").

(See Bacon's "Japanese Girls and Women," Scidmor's Jinrikisha Days in Japan," Norman's "Real Japan," Hearn's "Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan," etc.)

From Notes of Travel, No. 0, copyright, 1904, by Underwood & Underwood.

Morning greetings of pretty maidens Kyoto, Japan.
Saluts du matin de jolies jeunes filles, Kyoto, Japon.
Morgengrüße hübscher Mädchen, Kyoto, Japan.
Saludos de la mañana de las lindas muchachas, Kyoto, Japón.
Flickornas morgonhälsning, Kioto, Japan.
Утреннія привѣтствія прелестныхъ дѣвиць, Кіото, Яп
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