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His Highness the Maharajah of Jeypore is one of the proudest and richest of all the Rajput princes and this is where he lives. You are in the centre of the city, in a large park reserved for the palace and stables and museum and observatory and other buildings that make up this enormous establishment. That tallest portion of the palace with innumerable balconies and porticos and the flags and gas-lamps atop, is known as the Chandra Mahal. It contains a magnificent hall built expressly for durbars or ceremonious receptions, with a superbly decorated throne; there His Highness entertains distinguished guests with dances by nautch girls. (The zenana or apartment of the women is in a separate building. A Hindu prince, even any well-bred man of high caste, maintains strict reserve with regard to his personal household.) These men, gorgeous in their oriental costumes, are attendants belonging to the palace.

The building here at the right is covered with colored embroideries of stucco-work. The one at the left is chiefly sculptured marble. See the exquisite, lace-like delicacy of those latticed panels in the upper story - they are white marble carved with the delicacy of a bit of bric-a-brac which you would keep in a cabinet if you had it at home. You can see similarly elaborate work in behind the open arcade of the stories below.

The noble master of this house made a voyage to England a few years ago, taking with him (in order to avoid injury to his high caste) a large body of servants, all the dishes and even all the food and drink needed for a six months' absence. He is one of the most highly educated and progressive men in India.

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From Notes of Travel, No. 9, copyright, 1904, by Underwood & Underwood.

A masterpiece of magnificence - palace of the Maharajah at Jeypore, India.
Un chef d'oeuvr de magnificence - le palais du Maharajah à Jeypore, Inde.
Ein Meisterwerk der Pracht -- Palast des Maharadjah zu Jeupore, Indien.
Obra maestra de magnificencia - Palacio de Maharajah en Jeypore, India.
Maradjahns palats vid Jeypore, Indien.
Великое произведеніе искуства, Дворепъ Майраджи у Жейпора, Индія.
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