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Bohumil Shimek - Diary, European trip, 1914 (1 of 2)

** If you can read Czech, we need you! Help us and other digital volunteers to finish transcribing Shimek's first volume of notes from his trip to Europe on the eve of World War I. ** Practicing a new language on your first trip to Europe? Surveyor-turned-naturalist Bohumil Shimek was working on Czech when he traveled from Iowa to Prague as an exchange professor of botany in 1914. Just before open hostilities broke out in what became known as the Great War or World War I. A son of Czech immigrants, Shimek came to be well known for his contributions to the field of botany in North America - over 205,000 plant specimens. Take note, he writes in English and Czech! English speakers may want to start here, a few pages in. You also might enjoy this blog post about his trip.

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Harrison G. Dyar - A catalogue of Lepidoptera, 1885 - 1913

Maybe your passion has taken you across the continent. Harrison G. Dyar's lengthy excursions collecting and cataloging lepidoptera were just a part of his entomological studies. As honorary custodian of the U.S. National Museum's Lepidoptera collection Dyar worked diligently to expand and systematically arranging this collection. Join us in transcribing his catalog that spans 28 years of collecting from 1885 to 1913 and documents almost 40,000 specimens. The entries are laid out in a chart format by specimen number and name, along with the name of the collector, and the collection date and location. Locations include the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain West, New England and the Caribbean. This work helps to make this information available to further entomological research.