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Bailey - Field notes, Oregon and Washington, 1897 and Washington, D.C., 1898

Have you ever seen a bobcat up close, close enough to touch? Did it live to tell the tale? During his time as chief field naturalist for the Bureau of Biological Survey, Vernon Bailey (1864-1942) contributed over 13,000 specimens to the Biological Survey, curated specimens collected by fellow field agents and also designed two types of traps that left the animals and birds caught for examination unhurt. "The Mammals and Life Zones of Oregon" is one of his outstanding publications. Please help us transcribe one of the field log books Bailey kept of his work in Oregon to make it more accessible to fellow researchers and scholars.

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Book no. 2, H.A. Allard, field collection specimen no. 1711-3420

This second volume of H. A. Allard's field book list of collected specimens includes numbers 1711-3420 collected in the course of his work in Virginia, and West Virginia from 1936-1937. His dated specimen entries include locality, scientific name, and notes regarding growing conditions. Many of the specimens were collected in the Bull Run Mountains, an area in Virginia's northern piedmont which is home to several forest and woodland community types, some of them rare botanical communities. Help us to transcribe Allard's specimen collecting notes and make them more accessible to researchers and scholars.

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Cleofé Calderon - Brasil 1972, 2

Not all bamboo is alike. In the second half of the 20th century, new genera and species of the grass subfamily Bambusoideae were being described as a result of explorations in Central and South America. Among the most prolific researchers collecting and describing new species of bamboo were Cleofé E. Calderon (1929-2007) and her colleague Thomas R. Soderstrom (1936-1987). All of their research was conducted with the National Museum of Natural History, and their collaboration produced scores of papers in botanical journals. This field book contains a list of botanical specimens, mainly bamboo, collected by Dr. Calderon from 26 April to 13 May 1972 in Brazil with notes from Panama the previous year. Help us transcribe these field notes documenting taxonomic names of specimens, soil samples, temperatures, and photo records and learn more about her work in the Brazilian fall of 1972.

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Journal of Facts in Natural History - Volume 2, 1867-1869

Do you like a real challenge? Are you interested in insects or an amateur entomologist? Benjamin Dann Walsh, the first state entomologist of Illinois, penned a two-volume set of field notes entitled “Journal of Facts in Natural History” recording his field activity in the Rock Island, Illinois area of the Mississippi River from 1867 to 1869. Digital volunteers have already transcribed his first volume. Try your hand at transcribing this second volume of Walsh’s detailed notes of insects in this region and help us expand our understanding of Mississippi River biodiversity during the Civil War.