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A. Stelfox - Field Notes, Volume 7, 1935-1936

Is there something special about bees in the British Isles? Irish naturalist Arthur W. Stelfox was fascinated by them. In this seventh volume of his field notes, he travels to both east and west coasts of southern Ireland. Together with his daily record, he notes specimen names, date collected, sex, quantity, sometimes remarks on the weather, location and sometimes specific type of environment. It's worth noting that someone was checking his work. When "R.C.L.P" follows a specimen name, it signifies that D. R. C. L. Perkins, F.R.S. also saw and verified the entry. Please join us in transcribing this project. Your contributions make it more accessible to researchers.


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US Navy Galapagos Expedition 1941: Miscellaneous notes (2 of 3)

This second segment of Dr. Waldo Schmitt's miscellaneous field notes continues his diary-like recording of observations, the work of the the expedition team and a variety of details that he thought would need to be addressed if a biological research station on the islands were to become a reality. Join us in transcribing the draft plans, proposals, and related details in this second part of Dr. Schmitt's notes. This project is a part of our “Travel to the Tropics” campaign. As you’re transcribing Schmitt’s work, if you come across names of people with whom Waldo had professional or personal relationships (e.g. fellow scientist, staff on an expedition, friend), it would help us to make better authority records for him if you could kindly add those names to this spreadsheet. If you like, share what you find on Twitter tagging #WhosWithWaldo.