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Edward W. Nelson - Alaska, December 25, 1879 - October 5, 1880

Join us for the next installment of Edward Nelson's field notes from his posting in Alaska with the US Signal Corps. His usual observations are in evidence as usual, interspersed with narrative describing his days, but peek between the facts for compelling insight into the lives of the native Alaskans he meets in St. Michael, including myths and legends shared with him. Gather with us virtually to aid in transcribing Nelson's fascinating notes!


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G. Arthur Cooper - Field notes and maps from Glass Mountains and Guadalupes, West Texas, 1968

Paleobiologist G. Arthur Cooper worked for the US National Museum for much of the twentieth century. These brief field notes of his take us to West Texas in 1968. The square-gridded pages and mixed pen and pencil notes evoke the mid-century and bring an added sense of time and place to Cooper's notes and observations. Join your fellow volunpeers in making these accessible online!