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Joseph D. Mountain - Log Books, Military and Civilian, 1943-1945

This collection follows Joseph Mountain's aviation career as a U.S. Air Service pilot, aerial surveyor, photographer, and writer. It includes photographic negatives and prints, diaries and flight log books, reports, and maps. Mountain's photographs from his service in Saudi Arabia, taken not long before the great oil discoveries at Dammam in 1938, capture the desert kingdom at the very edge of the tremendous changes that the oil economy brought to the Gulf. Mountain also extensively photographed members of the California-Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC) team at work and interacting with their Saudi workers and acquaintances. Help us transcribe his documents and images which are a fascinating record of traditional Saudi Arabian life, crafts, and architecture. Highlights include portraits of dancers at Eid al-Fitr celebrations, market scenes in Hufuf and the Old Town of Al Jubail, camel caravans, Saudi hunters with their hawks, and pearl fishermen and their dhows.