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Abrege des Descriptions des Artes

Likely copied from the publication Descriptions des Arts et Metiers (1761-1788), this clearly written manuscript contains abridged descriptions of various 18th century crafts.


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Beautifully illustrated French manuscript on artillery

Signed by the Chevalier de Cirfontaine, this lavishly illustrated French manuscript provides detailed explanations alongside finely-colored drawings of French artillery and military machines. The Chevalier de Cirfontaine was likely Amour-Constant de Germay Cirfontaine, an officer in France’s 6e battalion de Royal-Artillerie, regiment Auxonne, created in 1757 under King Louis XV. A treat for the eyes if not for the enemy, this rewarding project already has researchers eager to see transcription results!


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Delle virtu delle herbe delli animali

Albertus Magnus was a 13th century Dominican friar and bishop known also as Saint Albert the Great. Admired for his encyclopedic knowledge, he wrote and philosophized on a range of topics—from logic and theology to zoology, physiology, alchemy, and love.