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New York 22, New York

October 24, 1959

Dear John:

In spite of the reported heavy winds across the Atlantic, I hope your trip was uneventful and not too delayed.  To cheer you up, whatever weather you found in Europe, it could not be worse than the one we are experiencing here today, for it is pouring by the buckets.

It seemed to me you might be interested to learn that the Metropolitan Museum, in its last meeting, announced the purchase of an important painting by Guido Reni from the Ellesmere Collection.  Of course it does not say whether it left this collection within the last few weeks or whether it was sold by the principal many years ago.  However, the latter assumption would surprise me as I do not recall any auction by this name.

Further news which might hold your attention is the indication I read this morning of an auction to take place on December 5 held by Maitre Ader in Paris of paintings, works of art, furniture, etc. from the estate of the Marquise du Luart, probably the mother of your friend.  Should you wish to satisfy your curiosity, though I do not see any connection with the Marquet de Vasselot estate, you might wish to look in the catalogue (Me Ader, 12 rue Favart).  It is doubtful, however, whether they would have one ready by now in view of the known procrastination of Paris commissaires-priseurs evidence in matters of catalogue printing.

Now the thought occurred to me that if you have some leisure time, you might want to make a long distance call to that noble Spaniard who last spring seemed to be in such a hurry about wishing to communicate with you.  He never sent the photographs you requested, I gather, nor sent a list of the works of art and particularly of the very important manuscripts which his mother or grandmother, I believe, told you he had inherited.

I hope you are not straining yourself too much and with all good wishes and kindest thoughts,

Sincerely yours,

Germain Seligman

Mr. John J. Cunningham
c/o United States Lines
10 rue Auber
Paris (9e), France
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