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Apr. 21,-27

My dear used to be-

I've only a minute to devote to you-yes, just a minute! I'm [[underlined]]much[[/underlined]] too busy these days to moon about for a man whose forgotten his family!

You'll pay for this! If you could hear all the joking I have to stand you'd know [[underlined]]why[[/underlined]] you'll have to pay for this! At Mrs. Westmore's tea I met the smarty Kellogg woman and lots of others I know of course and one of them said that I looked [[underlined]]so[[/underlined]] (I [[underlined]]did[[/underlined]] look extremely well, new clothes did it) and said I didn't look as though I'd been married more than a year. Then some one else said "but she [[underlined]]has[[/underlined]] alright or her husband wouldn't be leaving her as long as this." Then came a grand haw!haw! that was
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