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[[stamped]] FEB 11 1924 [[/stamped]]
  "For Prize Contest"
   What Burpee's Seeds have done for me
   When I grow up to be a big girl I want to live on a garden farm, and every one of my seeds I need are agoing to be purchased from the Burpee's.
  Dad has just bought a dairy farm and had to go in debt for a good share of it found it a very difficult to keep enought money on hand for my schooling. Mamma knowing the circumstances as well decided to try her luck once more at gardening. 
She always had such bad luck with her seeds comming up. so she decided to buy from a new company the Burpee's of course.
   Words cannot tell what a garden we had. The seeds were planted thick as usual as there were always some that did not grow and there would be plenty left that would grow. Instead every seed grew and the whole garden had to be thinned out.
Cut flowers as well as vegetables.