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Ideal Tex

Feb 13, 1924

W. Atlee Burpee Co
For Prize Contest

What Burpee's seed have done for me.

They have strengthen my faith in the recration of life, and made me more firm in my belief that "God is Good" They fill my soul with [[stamp]]Feb 18 1924 [[stamp]] with love and thanksgiving, and help me be a better friend and neighbor.

They help me to raise my young closer in the ways of "Old Mother Nature," and fill their minds with ,Love, Faith and Truth.

I can hardly express my feelings as I look out over my garden and see the tender little things that come out over night.

It is joyous and uplifting just to see [[strikethrough]]new[[/strikethrough]] life develop, besides all the good things to eat and to smell. 

They give me better helth and