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[[stamped]] FEB 29 1924 [[/stamped]]

For Prize Contest.

In winter of 1922 I purchased four pounds of Prize Taker Onion seed, from Burpee & Co. In January I selected me one half acre of low subirrigated land. I broke & prepared my land for planting in Jan. On Feb. 20th I planted my seed in rows eighteen inches apart. I give my onions a light working about the 15th of March, so as to keep the soil loose around the onions. I kept them clean until they begin to mature; that is until the onions was almost as large as a hen egg.

On 15th of July I begin gathering my onions & putting then in trays to dry. 

Off the entire half acre I gathered three hundred bushels of good saleable onions. These I peddled out by the loads, getting five cents a pound, making me a sum of $2.85 a bushel.

The total yield from the three hundred bushels brought me a neat