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[[left margin]] 25% [[/left margin]]
have been investigated during the past year and [[strikethrough]] with the [[/strikethrough]] field [[strikethrough]] reports [[/strikethrough]] reports ^[[insertion]] written [[/insertion]] on each. [[strikethrough]] have occupied 25% about 25 percent of my time. [[/strikethrough]]
Specimens of certain groups of mammals sent to the Biological Survey for identification [[strikethrough]] have been [[/strikethrough]] are referred to me for critical comparison with specimens in the US. National Museum.
[[left margin]] 10% [[/left margin]] 
[[strikethrough]] and this takes probably 10 percent of my time. 10%. [[/strikethrough]]
Some correspondence relating to animal life and problems is referred to me for the preparation of replies and on many such problems I am called in consultation or for information.
[[left margin]] 10% [[/left margin]]
[[strikethrough]] This takes probably 10 percent of my time. [[/strikethrough]]
As a member of the Scientific Staff of the Biological Survey some time is required for the weekly staff meetings and for special conferences, [[strikethrough]] probably 5 percent of my time. [[/strikethrough]]
[[left margin]] 5% [[/left margin]].

Transcription Notes:
Fascinating to read Vernon's break down of tasks that make up his job! -@siobhanleachman