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Jan. 5 A cloudy & not very cold night Had a good catch of mice; 8 Ochetodons, 5 Dipodomys, one Arvicola & a Mus musculus. Skinned things most of day, Hunted & set traps in evening, shot at a Swan but didn't get it.

Saw lots of coon track & set traps for coon.

Killed 5 quails. a warm day.

"[[ditto for: Jan.]] 6. Sunday. but supposed it was Saturday & worked till 2 P.M.

Didn't catch much of use, made some skins, Went to church in evening, A warm; pleasant day.

"[[ditto for: Jan.]] 7. Went to traps & caught some Arvicolas & Ochetodons & Mus musculus & found a Coons toe in one trap & a coon, probably, carried off my big trap.

Went to town & got mail & wrote letter. Set more coon traps.

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