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June 24. Caught some Tamias & Hesperomes & 2 Ochetodons & shot a Dipodops & a Spermophile. Went to traps & hunted most of A.M. Did not find much because the wind blew & dust flew.
Started out again after putting up skins in P.M. but found a horse in the spring & spent all of the time left for hunting helping to get it out. Blistered & skinned my hands too.
A cat got in through a window & ate 2 Spermophile & 2 Tamias skins, spoiled my yesterdays work.
Wind blew hard nearly all day & the dust flew so we could not see across the block at times. Not very warm.

" [[Ditto for: June]] 25. Caught 2 Dipodops & an Ochetodon, & shot a Spermophile.
Did'nt catch much & the wind blew so I couldn't find Spermophiles.
Went over to Cedar Fort depo.
Set Arvicola traps - 16.
A small days work.
Very windy & dusty.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Unsure of [[Ochetodora?]] -@siobhanleachman pretty sure it's Ochetodon, just a bit messy -@meg_shuler