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[[double underlined]]W. E. D. Scott[[/double underlined]], Arizona. - 10 specimens, 6 species, from Arizona. (Purchased.)

Dr. [[double underlined]]L. Stejneger[[/double underlined]], Assistant Curator, Department Birds. - 14 specimens, 9 species, from Petropaulski, Kamtschatka. (Gift.)

[[double underlined]]L. M. Turner[[/double underlined]], U. S. Signal Service. - 75 specimens in alcohol of young Lagopus albus, from Ungava. (U. S. Signal Service?)

[[double underlined]]José C. Zeledon [[/double underlined]], San José, Costa Rica. - 215 specimens, 96 species, chiefly from Costa Rica; including 2 new species, viz. [[underlined]]Cyanocorax cucullatus[[/underlined]] and [[underlined]]Vireolanius viridicoronatus[[/underlined]]. (Gift.)

[[double underlined]]Henry Seebohm[[/double underlined]], London, England. - 226 specimens, 96 species, chiefly from the Palaearctic Region. A very valuable collection, embracing several conspicuous species new to the collection, besides others of great importance for purposes of comparison, for example: - [[underlined]]Pyrrhula cassini[[/underlined]], [[female symbol]], from Siberia;
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