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APR 15 1865
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Please send copies by mail of Kennicotts telegrams from San Francisco to

- Mrs. J. A. Kennicott The Grove Ill
- Geo. C. Walker Walker Branson & Co Chicago.
- Rev H Bannister Evanston Ill
- James Redfield Box 740 Chicago Ill
- Dr Rothrock McVeytown Mifflin Co Pa
- F. R. Elliott Cleveland O
- Prof J. P. Kirtland " " [[dittos for: Cleveland O]]
- Dr Maynard
[[strikethrough]] Mrs Dall ^[[insertion]] Boston [[/insertion]] when you get her address [[/strikethrough]]
Mrs C. H. Dall, no. 70 Warren Avenue Boston

I suspect will get letters up several times this summer from San Francisco.

Please try a letter to me via Redkin - ^[[insertion]] about May 1st [[/insertion]] address me

R Kennicott
Collins Overland Teleg Co
Ft Youkon
Mackenzies Riv Dist H.B.[[B.?]]
Compton Hud Bay Co Pembina Minn 

[[insertion linking to Redkin above]]
It will reach there in Sept or Oct and Ill send express them for news by first ice. [[/insertion]]

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