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7 Feb. 45

Gen. McClelland -  Opened meeting

Gen. Gather - C.O. of Paratroops School. Ft. Benning

Gen. description of Air Borne assaults. Completely prepared first then once triggered - goes to completion - the one-two 
hours between T.O. & landing is our problem -

Assembly on the ground - difficulties and requirements -

B/G Dalbey  Camp McCall -

Not right corner of the field, just the right county!

We want all of the nav-aids we can get. (More PFF units.)

Prefer daylight drops because assurance of right location - disadvantage sacrifice of surprise - 

W.D. Tng Cir 113 '43 still in effect.

Outlined doctrine - emphasized consideration as advance guard - Parachutists - Gliders - Air landed - etc.

Gen. Gaither
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Advance Party

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