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[[circled]] 3 [[/circled]]

Ground forces need internal equip for marking D/Z for resupply, etc.

Question re range and accuracy indicates procedure for Shoran--

Jacobson - say +/- 400 yds is best accuracy at present.  Planning consider errors up to 1200 yds.

Need aid to drop on map coordinates Contemplate rapid change of position on ground.

Pulse jamming of Gee and Eureka in ETO--

[[underline]] Kirkpatrick [[/underline]] -- ETO

Accuracy - too many variables no survey.

0 -- 1 1/2 miles - /interrogation of crews.

Landing gliders at night practically impossible -- in numbers--

[[underlined]] Col. Bell [[/underlined]] --
 1.   Pathfinder (no aids)
 2.   Normal Nav. (with beacons)
 3.   Assembly on ground.

Need accuracy 300 yds without aid from ground --

[[underlined]] Kirkpatrick [[/underlined]]--

1.  Gee --717 - Pilotage
2.  lights - R/E  BUPS (not pract.) - Panels-
3.  Luminous paint - lights - Halofone L indicator - audible whistles etc. [[underline]]good[[/underline]]
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