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4. Lt. Col. Coulter    MTO-

zero slash 1. Sea Search equip. only.
Says can navigate 10 minutes from 
coast and bit DZ. [[drop zone]]

zero slash 2. Lights Panels Smoke MF- R/E best.
South France- through Ground fog.
128[degree symbol] a/[a?] 4 loads off DZ. [[drop zone]]

Mentions need for portable power
supply for [strikethrough PPV - 1] Eureka -

zero slash 3. no info 
[[written sideways to the left of zero slash 3.]] I outlined IBT & read Col Knowles letter.
Coulter says has technique for R/E for 100 yd accuracy.


afternoon 7/2/45

Pathfinder [underlined]

Lt. Col. Lee-
Method of making terrain models -
Believes IP to DZ [[drop zone]] will be max 40 miles.
Described pilotage device - (viewer
gives visual picture. No name-
Seems to be special map for use at night.

11 - All speakers emphasize training. 11
[[double underline]] Equipment for route Nav.-
Discussion of Loran vs Gee-
Agreed Loran required for route nav.
" (but not unanimously) Gee not quite so

Radar [underlined] - as APS 10 [underlined]
Philosophy of using Radar pilotage
parallel to Loran etc

Description of APS-10
Technical discussion of details - not use -

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