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[[underline]] Saturday 14th April [[/underline]]

Returned to LG-CAVV all the
way so got no practice. Ernie
Cutrell requested copy of my report.

[[underline]] Sunday 15th April [[/underline]]

Picnic with Audrey & Jimmy.

[[underline]] Monday 16th April. [[/underline]]

Flew to McArthur field (Sperry
Co. location at Islip, L.I.).
Flew attitude gyro & Gyro-syn
compass in Sperry's Howard. Could
only go to about 90 [[degree]] bank and 45 [[degree]]
climb + dive a/c type a/craft. Looked
Gyro-syn compass very stable-
no observable turn or acceleration
errors- When gyro was tumbled, the
needle whipped around momentarily
then settled to +- 10 [[degree]] of [[strikethrough]] orig [[/strikethrough]]
correct heading. This could be
corrected by the caging knob and
the annunciator, immediately or
would come out slowly of itself.
In Garden City saw components of Gyro-syn + test equipment. Also
heard good two way voice on 
micro wave CN. Wire recorder
used to demonstrated this looked
good for use in our airplane.
Talked with Dr. Barrow
Brought him up to date and gave
him minutes of meetings, etc. 
Dinner with Joe Lyman in 
evening. He has marvelous 4 acre
farm near Huntington. Also has
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