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[[underlined]] OUTLINE FOR HANDLING OF I.C.D. TRAINING DIVISION [[/underlined]]

The following is mutually understood concerning the inauguration of the I.C.D. Training Division under contract DA-W-535-ac-1062 dated December 24, 1941.

I. T.W.A. will establish training school or schools in order to train personnel for the operation, maintenance and servicing of aircrafts and airports, and of communications, navigation and meteorological facilities.

II. The Personnel Manager of T.W.A. will coordinate all educational activities between the various departments of the T.W.A. organization.

III. Such training school or schools will handle two different types of students as follows:

(a) Selectees -- Army personnel specialists of A.C.F.C. Flight Squadrons. Each squadron will consist of 106 commissioned officers and 355 enlisted men, and at least ten squadrons will be trained during a two-year period.

(b) Civilians -- Personnel hired by T.W.A. to replace those: (1) drafted, (2) Enlisted Reserves (mechanics), (3) transferred to I.C.D., (4) transferred to Jack Frye Four-Engine School.

IV. T.W.A. will handle through its own educational facilities the training of radio operators and radio mechanics. Also the training of meteorologists - both selectees and civilians.

V. T.W.A. will purchase training services and facilities from the National School fo Aeronautics for the training of mechanics who are either selectees or civilians, on the basis of 38 1/2 [[cents symbol]] per hour per student.

VI. T.W.A. will arrange with the National School of Aeronautics for the feeding, housing and transportation of "selectee" students on the basis of $12.50 per man per week. (Fractions of weeks will be considered as full weeks.) The National School of Aeronautics will arrange to collect from the army selectees the $12.50 per week plus laundry charge.

VII. T.W.A. will supplement through its own educational facilities the National School of Aeronautics training with any additional training necessary to completely qualify A.C.F.C. specialists.

VIII. Supervisory and instructor personnel employed by T.W.A. and assigned to I.C.D. Training Division will have their salaries charged to I.C.D. Division.
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