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[[underlined]] Corpus Christi [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] April 13 [[/underlined]]  Tramped around Corpus Christi & learned something of the country.  Found a place to locate 4 miles south of town with Mr. Watson, close to the shore.  Saw lots of geomys hills & some S. mexicanus on flat just south of town.  Found lots of birds but few mammals.

[[underlined]] April 14 [[/underlined]]  Set traps, hunted, tramped over mesquite plain & shore prairie.

[[underlined]] April 15 [[/underlined]]  Sunday.  Went to traps & made up some birds & mammals.  Went with Mr. Watson about 4 miles south to his fathers ranch over the most beautiful flower prairies.  One patch about one by 3 miles in extent is solid yellow with a beautiful Coreopsis.  Saw road runners, killed a Lepus mexicanus, saw lots of Neotoma nests.

[[underlined]] April 16 [[/underlined]]  Set traps & made up skins.

[[underlined]] April 17 [[/underlined]]  Busy trapping & skinning birds & mammals.