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Double Trouble - Use Tariq/Mos Version!
Squeeze as much as you can & these are the zzzz - 
[[Horizontal line]]
[[strikethrough]] Side Two
Table 3 - Raise DB LouderR, r on Tariq last line right into [[/strikethrough]]
[[underlined]]Love of My Life[[/underlined]] - Start w Horns/Seg into Instrumental 
[[underlined]]100 Dun[[/underlined]] - .5 DB Louder, Squeeze mix . [[strikethrough]]Table 3[[/strikethrough]] Remove 4th verse
- (need interlude Here)[[arrow pointing left]] Add Dice Here
Adrenaline - Reverse Dice & Beans [[connected arrow between dice & beans]] 
More mid male snare pop!
? Scratch - Paul Revere Interlune
You got me - Take [[underlined]]down 1db[[/underlined]]
Dont see us - UP  .5 db
Ursula - Make africa/worldwide
[[underlined]]Fore[[/underlined]]out there - main album ending
[[lower right corner in blue]]Ang [[arrow pointing right]]365 & 785 [[strikethrough]]356 [[/strikethrough]]