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He was cordial and friendly – invited me to stay at their home the next time I came down. I had to duck that but I promised to get in touch with him the next time for a better visit.

I contacted Blair at the office and we went down to see Commander Nehlinger. I somehow, it expected a big, tall imposing looking fellow but the Commander was short, rather sloppy with a scrubby moustache. He was very guarded also in what he said on account of me. However, he may be a swell fellow when you get to know him although I understand otherwise from remarks I've heard. However, I'm not going to judge him until I find out for myself.

I had a talk with Blair back at the office. Somehow I got the impression he was a little on guard and on the defensive with me. He said he would have invited me to dinner with them last night (him & Niven, I presume) but didn't know where to reach me. I told him I stopped at the Hamilton he promptly told me that the Hamilton wasn't quite first-class, most G.E. men stayed at the Carleton. I told him how it happened and it wouldn't happen again. Also I decided White was to be [[interviewed? criticized?]]. White is a peculiar duck; I can't quite figure him out.

I asked Blair what size gun the "50 caliber" job is that's coming up. He said, "Why, that's the size – 50 caliber. That shows you how big it is. I don't remember in inches." It turned out to be a 50 caliber machine gun and Blair didn't know what he was talking about. My understanding of caliber is that it is the ratio of the bore to the length. Blair didn't know that. So I decided I wasn't too dumb about this after all. White couldn't tell me

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I think it is criticized.

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