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what a "caisson" or a "limber" is although he had written a letter to Jake telling him a lot of them would be up for purchase. Again I was cheered.

White, Jaycocks, Pragst and I had lunch together at the rather swanky, attractive Mayfair. Pragst is a Central Station man from Schenectady en route to [[Passaic?]] He has been all over the world and was most interesting giving an especially interesting discourse on a white man's life in India if he wants to maintain his social position – his "boy" and how the boy does everything for him for about $5 a month plus 2% on all the purchases he makes for the boss which should be everything. And you must conform to all the customs of social life or you become worse than the lower castes and the boy won't work for you – i.e. tea in bed before you get up in the morning.

Jaycocks is a North Carolina boy about my age in White's office handling radio work for the Govt. I got pretty well acquainted with him, liked him and had a discourse (requested by me) on how the Govt is "handled". He says they are a crowd of human beings like any other organization and as such are handled the same way pretty much as any other outfit.
When I said goodbye to Horn, he apologized for not being with me last evening but said he had to attend a meeting of a club he belongs to. I am well impressed with Horn – he is a very pleasant, cordial, likable chap. Hope I can get better acquainted with him the next time.

I took a turn around the Capitol before the "Congressional" left – marveled they allow footpaths across the Capitol lawn – perhaps supposed to be a symbol of democracy. Had a fast all electric ride
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