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Erie, Pa.
Sunday, Jan. 7,40.
My work is bearing pretty heavily on me right now and I am finding the journal a burden piled on top of everything else.  So for the time being I am going to drop it and concentrate on my work.  for I must make good in this most critical time in my career.  I could keep a "line a day" type of diary but that isn't what I want.  So here voluntarily for a while I shall let this go to concentrate on my life, business, + personal for they are inevitably tied together.  So, good old journal, for a while, I'll see how I get along without you - an experiment.

I must have been feeling low when I wrote the above because after a couple of days, I've decided I don't want to give up the journal even temporarily.  It seems to fill a need of some sort of mine - a need for self expression, thinking on paper - something.  So I'm going to catch up and miss nothing.  

Today I felt much better and Delaney found confirmation in my throat, which is improving rapidly now.  The sulfanilamide is great stuff.  Two years ago, they didn't have this stuff and streptococcus infections were far more serious - sometimes fatal particularly in the throat. 

After an experience like this, I realize again the utter absurdity of most of my worries and unhappiness.  All the fussing I do about affairs at the office appear so downright foolish - most of the other worries appear utterly ridiculous.  When one has one's health one has the most precious thing of all - then one is free to live and appreciate the really fine worthwhile things of life, I know so well.  I want this lesson to last this time.
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