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is no sissy when it comes to telling stories, etc. to the men and his stories and remarks are famed. Some .

1.) Talking of the mosquitoes in Arkansas, he said, "Them mosquitoes is so god damn big, they can stand flat footed and [[line]] a turkey!"

2.) Feeling of some crankcase oil, "Humph! thin as piss on a plate!"

3.) He calls everyone "Zeke" and they tell me "Zeke" is gradually spreading all over town as a friendly greeting.

Our new stenographer, "Billy" Livingstone, is working out very well - her accuracy is improving, she's attractive bright and cheerful and full of pep. She checks up on me now when I go out so she doesn't get caught by the long distance operator, etc. - wants to know where I'm going, if I'm going to be gone long, etc. Ken, who is very conscious of feminine pulchritude, has given her his okay, which means something.

I picked up the new Life this evening and glancing through it suddenly saw a picture of the heart palpitating stewardess that John Downie and I bumped into on our Boston to Buffalo flight on June 8th. She was on Willkie's plane on a recent Phoenix flight and the photo showed her and a reporter sitting together presumably looking across the aisle at Willkie. I immediately phoned John and he got out his copy and verified my findings - it was the same girl all right - and John let out one of his famed laughs and we both got a great kick out of it. Now I'm turning over in my mind writing a letter of thanks to Life with extracts from this journal on that memorable flight although I suppose I'm only one of thousands who have seen and admired her and then seen this picture.
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