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NUMBER 573 Gauge - B
Size and Style [[underlined]]11 X 11 G[[/underlined]]
PATENTED DEC. 19, 1905. DEC. 27, 1910

[[underlined]] Directions [[/underlined]] To unlock this Binder, turn key one-half turn to left only as far as it will readily go.  Do not try to force it further.  To lock, turn in same manner to right.

[[underlined]] Guarantee [[/underlined]] This Binder is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship.  The successful operation of this Binder is only guaranteed when used with leaves manufactured and supplied by us.  Users of Baker-Vawter Binders and Baker-Vawter leaves secure the benefits of the longest experience and most adequate equipment devoted,to loose leaf manufacture.


General Offices and Factories, Benton Harbor, Michigan Eastern Office and Factory, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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