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[[underlined]]Notes on Core #9[[\underlined]] - 3655-3655'

Small unoriented pieces at top of core appear to be mainly coral.

First oriented section is 4" section of white, friable ls. made up.  Two pieces from bottom of this sent to Cole as → sample Q.  Second oriented piece is 6" long.

Assemblage of forams and corals much like that recovered from plugged drill collars (3562' + higher).  Frag. moll. are present with orig. shell but rock is mainly a foraminiferal ls.

Remainder of core consists of smaller pieces none of which are oriented.  Most of moll. and all of corals appear as molds; one large [[underlined]] Pecton [[/underlined]] has orig. shell.  Some of coral molds are encrusted with banded ls.  This may be algal.


Transcription Notes:
"ls." is limestone

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