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[[underlined in red]] p. 626 [[/underlined]] Bone cutters [[strikethrough]] { [[/strikethrough]] Shears 310A 381 5.00
83 5.25
83 3.00
large skinning knives -
[[strikethrough]] p.626 [[/strikethrough]] small skinning knives - 
[[underlined in red]] p. 626 [[/underlined]] Bone saw { [[in red]] - [[/red]] large 310A38 5.50
{ [[in red]] - [[/red]] small 310A80 @1.50; 2 = 3.00
brain hook
[[red checkmark]] cutting pliers for wire 2 pr.
flat files for taxidermist uses coarse, med. & fine 3 = 
3 cornered files { """ [[dittos for: coarse, med. & fine]] fine,
[[red checkmark]] tape measure - 
oil stones or carbon also & [[?]] for knives coarse fine
assorted needles - 
sack & canvas needles 3 [[?]] asst'd
[[checkmark]] Flash lights - 3 cell [[line]] 6
" " [[Dittos for: Flash lights]] Head light [[line]] 6
[[checkmark]] geological [[hamers?]] 1 doz
[[red checkmark]] Hatchets (small, hand) [[strikethrough]] 3 [[/strikethrough]] (4)
[[red checkmark]] - machetes [[line]] [[underlined]] (over) [[/underlined]] 2 doz [[in red]] - Letter written [[/in red]]
p. [[strikethrough]] Egg drills [[/strikethrough]]
Blow pipe to use with
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