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that night but when we did go to it we heard a bout it. but that night the air plains were comeing over all night [[strikeout]] trieing to get the french to come up to [[strikeout]] him but they would not go up that = night. But at Daybrake they gave the germens all they wonted that Day I seen three Germens plaine come Down, and one French. there were not a Day, that there were not a fight, in the air. some time if a Bunch of men were out in the Road or in a feel or wolkeing or workeing any place the Germens would come Down in a plaine, and would deel out Death to them. I heard a bout that some time be for I ever seen it. or had it dun to me. But Dear Reader, I knew that they would do any theing to win out. but I never gave it a thought. ontell one 
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afternoon, it were a cloudy Day. and night were comeing on. I were sent to the P.C. that afternoon and I were on my way back the trench Ran ziz zag. I were not thinkeing of anytheing in the line of danger at that time. it were mess. that I were giveing all my thought to when all at once I heard a sound like a gush of air over me Quick as thought, I fell to one side of the trench, as he fired at me, I lade loe ontell he were gon. I said to my self, he near had me that time. But it were my Quickness that saved me that time. I tole it to my comrads in our Dugout. one thought it were a joke I said notheing to that. I had mess, then I let a French Cegarette. set down on a box, in a corner of the Dugout. water were dripeing Down from the wet cileing in
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