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devil. (These words bring a smile).
After the devil was casted out of the Holy Land from among our Holy people where he (devil) was causing disagreement and bloodshed he (the devil) swore that if he was granted respite he would lead the righteous astray. This promise he is living up to. 

He (devil) said: "Respite me until the day when they are raised". 

He (God) said: "As Thou hast caused me to remain disappointed

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I will certainly lie in wait for them Thy Straight Path". "I will certainly come to them from before them and from behind them, and from their right-hand side and from their left-hand side; and Thou Shalt not find most of them thankful."
(Holy Qur-an 7:14-17)

The day when they are raised up is referring to the general resurrection of the mentally dead Black Nation of whom the so-called Negroes are the most dead of their kind. Again the raising up means -- the day when the Black Nation comes into the knowledge of just who the devil really is. Until this knowledge or manifestation of the devil is given to the Blackman (Nation) this same devil will continue to mislead them and make the Blackman unthankful to his Lord's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, or His Guidance, by deceiving the people under a false religion, also by setting himself (devil) up as God, and getting into the temples of Allah. This is one of his (devil) ways of appearing to come from the right-hand side. The white race is the head and master of his Church and never before today have you seen that race trying to sit in on every Spiritual place of worship. They now mix with the so-called Negroes for what? So they may watch and listen in on everyone to see who of all really is trying to learn the truth and try to hinder it from entering the ears and hearts of the Slaves. 

A great deceiver they are, pretending that they are your sincere friends and advisers but truthfully they are you sincere destroyers. Today the knowledge of love and unity of self and kind is so completely destroyed among us that no civilized Nation wants anything to do with us, but keeps at a distance (out of their 


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Society). All this is due to the work of our Slavemasters and their children. They now see the setting of the Sun of their day, and hope to cut you off from the rising Sun of your day, by false friendship and false promises to you only to disappoint you. God (Allah) didn't give them the nature to love Black-mankind. They fight and kill each other, so where is your love and peace coming from among such people? They despise and hate you and I so much that in many places in the Southern States they won't allow you to relieve yourself in a filling station rest room. Some won't even sell you gas because it looks too much like he is serving a Negro, and don't try (Negro) going and sitting down in his eating places ordering a meal or soft drinks. You are told "We don't serve Negroes or Colored in here, you can go outside and eat it". This is the same way Negroes have been treated all their lives in that part of the Country. Of course you won't care for their society if you wake up and learn just who you really are, your ownself. You will hate the day your foreparents ever landed in this part of the earth for their children to be robbed and spoiled, made enemies of each other, and to give God a job of restoring our loss and returning us again to our Own

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[[caption]] Moslem women must not wear "half-naked" clothes. Sister Alice, of Boston, Mass., shows a proper Moslem dress. [[/caption]]

Don't make a fool out of yourself begging them to recognize you before you recognize yourselves. Stop your hate of self, unite in love for each other regardless of beliefs. As long as you are members of the same Nation (Black) stop trying to imitate them and be yourself. Stop posing for indecent pictures to be published in the newspapers and magazines, as such pictures are not getting yourself nor the rest of your people recognition among them or any other people. The Negro newspapers and magazines should know the great harm done them by indecent poses of their people. We want Universal recognition for self and our kind and such indecency is now front page stuff (a half nude woman) and it shows the lack of civilization. The first step taken by a civilized man in civilizing a savage is to teach them how to wear clothes, have a sense of shyness.
The teaching of Islam, the Religion of God (Allah) and His Prophets, and your acceptance is the only thing necessary for the so-called Negroes to go to the top of civilization where we once were before being deceived and robbed of the knowledge of our ownselves and kind. FEAR NOT to accept Islam your Salvation, Allah (God) of Heaven and Earth and all of His Angels are on the poor so-called Negroes' side today to help them. COME FOLLOW ME. I will lead you into the Right Path, Islam will heal you of your evil habits, drugs, alcholics, gambling, dislike of each other, sickness and ignorance. 


If the civilized man fails to perform his duty what must be done? 

AUGUST-SEPT. 1956   17