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[[preprinted]] Friday, January 8, 1909  [[/preprinted]]

Took a trip over to Kilindini today to see the pup. The poor little fellow almost wagged himself to pieces. Gee whiz, l wish l could get him out of that damned quarantine. It's all damned nonsense they way they go at it here. They think the only way they can show their importance is to make themselves as disagreeable as possible. If there's anything will drive a pup mad it's keeping him under lock and key in that joint.

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[[preprinted]]  Saturday, January 9, 1909 [[/preprinted]]

That crazy guy Walker turned up here tonight just as we turned down the lights. With him was Forbes. Walker had one of these rough house jags aboard and came rather near being chucked out. He will be, next time. I don't mind jags as jags, but when they start to put the furniture on the bum it's another thing. It's a regular kid, that feller is. Somebody's going to take a good fall out of him and his Irish yarns some day.
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