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[[preprinted]] Tuesday, January 12, 1909  [[/preprinted]]

Old Tajpod brought in a lot of ivory today. It was mostly these black wallas from the Congo, and brittle as dug-up chinaware.  Some of 'em were filled up with mud and grass, and one had a block of wood in it that absolutely refused to get out for anyone.  Tajpod was offended because I wouldn't buy that one.  For all I knew there might be the whole catalog of diseases, from elephantiasis to pachydermonthia, in back of that block of coconut palm or whatever it was. We were in the famous predicament of the gentleman from Missouri, - who had to be "shown," or no buy.

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[[preprinted]] Wednesday, January 13, 1909  [[/preprinted]]

This joint has always been the dumpheap of the company, but they didn't reckon on Messrs. New Rochelle or Boston.  when we get through with this joint this hut will be fit to live in, and no mistake.  When we get those painters out, and our new fixin's in, and get that carved black table that we absolutely stole for sixty chips the other day, in the middle of the drawing room, and a dinner wagon and a few chairs and a new tea set, - well, as I said, when all these events are pulled off, and old JAJ gets a look at the revised furniture and tools account.--

Hades will be elevated, beyond a doubt.

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