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[[preprinted]] Friday, April 2, 1909 [[/preprinted]]

Well, today we got to Hansing for 300 more D's! NY. was willing to take a rupee less for them than I got, too. I felt somewhat elated when I whacked off that cable to "Hines" tonight. The Agency is paying it's way, I guess. Well, raβ€”[[underlined]]ther[[/underlined]]! If we can only tie up Visram with another order now, and prevent Childs from getting in with him, I will feel we have not lived in vain.

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[[preprinted]] Saturday, April 3, 1909 [[/preprinted]]

Nothing doing today, β€” I'd finished all my accounts on the 1st, so took it rather easy. Come to think of it, we take it rather easy all the time. But when we do work, we sorter make up for it. It's no doggone fun sweating out in this climate. One has to go easy, β€” one can't work out here at the speed one can at home. Gee whiz, if you tried it you'd wake up some fine morning and find yourself dead. A little of the office and a great deal of longchair, with a slight amount of booze, is the ticket in these parts.  
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