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[[preprinted]] Monday, January 24, 1910 [[/preprinted]

After having hustled like hell all Saturday morning, in order to get away my mail so's to go on that picnic, the darned boat didn't come in until this morning, giving all day today for letter writing. However, I let my Saturday's mail go.  

I've already started off with chillies again, though I hated to do it. I have until next month to think of packing 'em however.  It's a prospect I love to gloat over. [[/page 1]]

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[[preprinted]] Tuesday, January 25, 1910 [[/preprinted]

Ye gods of Olympus! Ye diminutive fishes!  Of all the luck I ever had in all my life, did you ever hear of such a thing as a five hundred plunk raise?  But unless my eyes deceive me, that's what JAJ's letter says!  Well, well, well, I haven't got over it yet!  The thought that I am pulling down a cold thousand and found is almost beyond my ken.  I'm making a brave effort to realize it, however. Mombasa looks rosy, tonight, but she doesn't doesn't fool [[underlined]] me [[/underlined]].  I've known her for thirteen long months.  But oh, you five hundred bones! [[/page 2]]
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