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the stairs and off the boat. Of course when we got there, there was plenty of time and we stood as we did with Sybil talking till the last minute. Daisy called out as the boat was starting: "Willie is crying," and then laughed. But Willie was very still that is sure.

He is so old for his age, that child. Papa and I took a ride in the afternoon.

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Sunday I went to say good bye to the Blights who go to New York Monday and sail Wednesday.

I [[?]] a little while and then Alice walked home with me. Edith was tired so were alone. We spoke of ordinary things of Sybil and how before she [[strikethrough]]really[[/strikethrough]] really knew me [[strikethrough]]how[[/strikethrough]] she had asked Alice if I was so awfully nice. "I told her she would find it out for she self, just wait and see" Alice said. "And she
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