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[[newspaper clipping - classified ads]]
[[left column]]
WANTED--Male Help.
WANTED - A good bookkeeper. One who understands the commission business preferred. Apply at Room 2, Methodist Church Block. 
[[double line]]

WANTED - Two good horse shoers, by the subscriber, at Waukegan, Ill. The highest wages paid. G. DUNNING. 
WANTED - 3 carpenters, at joiner's shop, 211 Lake-st., near Franklin. 
WANTED - Two tin and sheet-iron workers immediately. Apply at 175 Lake-st., up stairs. 
WANTED - A good carpenter. Apply at the Chicago Glass Company, No. 6 Dearborn-st.
[[printed line]]
WANTED - A first-class vicehand mechanic, to go to the country. Apply to NORTHWESTERN MANUFACTURING CO.
WANTED - A good brass turner. One who understands the use of hand tools. Apply between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock to JESUP. KENNEDY & CO., 11 and 13 South Wells St.
WANTED - Tinner, at 218 Washington St.
WANTED - A first class machine hand on sash and doors, one that can keep a set of machinery in order. None other need apply. Inquire at BEACH & WILLIAMS Planing Mill, Twelfth and Lumber sts.  
[[double line]]

WANTED - Female Help.


WANTED - A wet nurse. Apply, immediately, to Dr. BOARDMAN, 70 State-st. 
[[double line]]

WANTED - Two girls, one for down stairs work: upper one to assist with care of a child. Apply at S71 Michigan-av. 
WANTED - A good girl for general housework. Apply at 199 Michigan-st. 
WANTED - A first class cook, washer and ironer. Permanent place and satisfactory wages. Call, with references, at 313 West Monroe-st. 
WANTED - A German or Norwegian girl to do housework in a small family. Call at 524 Fulton St. 
WANTED - At 51 South Carpenter st., a first-class girl to do second work. To one that understands her business good wages will be paid.
WANTED - At 440 West Washington-st., a girl to do general housework in a small family. References required. No Irish need apply.
WANTED - A reliable girl to do general housework in a small family. Apply at 728 Fulton-st., corner of Robey.
WANTED - A competent girl for housework; must be good cook, washer and ironer. A colored or German preferred. Call at 132 South Lincoln-st. 
WANTED - At 114 Third-av., a good cook, washer and ironer. None need apply unless well recommended. To such a one good wages will be paid. 
WANTED – Two girls, one to do general housework and one as chambermaid. Call between 8 and 10 a.m., at 364 Ohio-st. 
WANTED – A good cook, at the McPherson House, 610 Canal-st; one that can come recommended. 
WANTED – A girl to do general housework in a small family. Apply at 137 Lake-st., this morning. 
WANTED – 387 West Randolph-st., a good kitchen girl. 
WANTED – At 750 Wabash-av., a girl to do general housework in a family of three persons. She must be a good cook, washer and ironer. 
WANTED – Two good girls; a kitchen girl and a second girl, at 302 Ohio-st. 
[[double line]]

Employment Agencies. 

WANTED – farmers and mechanics to sell "TRIED AND TRUE, or LOVE AND LOYALTY." This is the best selling book out. Agents are making from $5 to $15 per day. Apply to address of W. J. HOLLAND & CO., Chicago, Ill., Milwaukee, Wis., Dubuque, Iowa, Detroit, Mich. 
WANTED – This Day – 50 wood-choppers, to go to Michigan, free transportation; sawmill hands, farm hands, &c.; also 3,000 men to go South at $36 to $50 per month and board. Apply at Room 4, No. 100 Madison-st. OLMSTEAD & SNELL. 
WANTED – Immediately – 25 track layers and spikers, $2.50 a day; 500 railroad laborers, $2 a day; 500 men to go South, $35 a month and board. Apply at 155 Clark-st., Room 5. 
WANTED – Two or three smart young men to sell an article in universal demand, no competition. Address or call upon COVERT & CO., 249 South Clark-st., up stairs. 
WANTED – Young men in the country wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeepers, salesman, clerks, brakemen, fireman, drivers, &c., &c., to apply at or address 134 Dearborn-st., Room 2. Applicants by mail enclose ten cents for full particulars. Box 2640. 
WANTED – 2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 collector, 3 brakemen, 2 fireman, 1 porter, 2 drivers, 4 agents, 3 entry clerks, 2 conductors. Apply at 134 Dearborn-st., Room 2.
WANTED – Young men in the country wishing to obtain situations, such as bookkeepers, clerks, collectors, salesman, conductors, expressmen, &c., &c., to apply at Room 13 Fullerton Block, 92 Dearborn-st., or address J. M. MOORE & CO., Box 1707, inclosing ten cents for full particulars.
WANTED – 2 assistant bookkeepers, 2 salesmen, 1 conductor, 2 brakemen, 1 firemen, 1 Porter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Apply at Room 13, Fullerton Block, 92 Dearborn-st. Applicants by mail address J. M. MOORE & CO., Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply.
WANTED – This Day – 100 men for the pineries––must call to-day, if you want a winter's work. Also, 125 choppers, 100 railroad hands, at $2.25. Also, 1,000 men to go South, at $45.00 per month and board. Call at Room 3, Lind's Block, Randolph-st. bridge.
WANTED – Bookkeepers, clerks, salesmen, porters, drivers, bartenders, firemen, brakesmen, mechanics, laborers, canvassers, one man with $150 to $900  capital, and all wishing situations, to apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, 84 Dearborn-st Room 3. Applicants by mail enclose 10 cents.
[[double line]]

WANTED - Miscellaneous.

WANTED - Lumber to sell on commission, at Irvington, Illinois. Lumber dealers having lumber to sell on commission will please address R. S. PALMER, Irvington, Illinois. The best of reference given.
WANTED – Persons to use, free of charge, Prof. Chamberlain's Neuralgia and Rheumatic Antidote, which relieves or cures in 1 to 15 minutes. Room 2, 82 Dearborn-st.
WANTED – Everybody, old and young, male and female, to call on MADAME A. DUAL, the greatest Fortune Teller known. She will astonish you with Revelations – Past, Present and Future. 393 South Clark-st.
WANTED – Know Thyself – All persons, young or old, who wish to have their past, present and future clearly revealed, call on MADAME CARLISLE, at 316 South Clark-st., up stairs. 
WANTED – Home for a child. A healthy infant girl, seven months old, will be given to a respectable family desiring to adopt the same. Apply at 93 Whiting st., between North Wells and North LaSalle-sts.
WANTED – To Buy – A robe, one that has not been used much. Cheap for cash. Address Drawer 6349.
WANTED – Soprano Singer in a quartette choir, who is able to read modern Church music at sight. Address, with references, "CHOIR," P. O. Box 244.
[[printed line]]
WANTED – A good medium sized second-hand scale. Apply to PHILIP WADSWORTH, 177 Michigan-st.
WANTED – Ten mechanics that are willing to work for $3 to $10 per day, to put on Harsha's weather strip, in this county. 128 Lake-st. A. C. BROWN & CO.
WANTED – A good man in each county in this State, to introduce Harsha's Weather Strip. We will warrant $10 for every $1 invested. 128 Lake-st. A. C. BROWN & CO.
WANTED – Immediately, 2 clerks, 3 salesmen, 1 drug clerk, 2 solicitors, 1 travelling agent, 4 experienced canvassers, 1 bar-tender, 2 cooks, 3 shoemakers, 5 tailors, 3 tinners, 7 farm hands, 50 choppers, 100 railroad men, transportation free, and 1,000 to go South. Apply to PARSHALL & SMITH, 128 South Clark-st., Room 11. Applicants by mail enclose two stamps for particulars.
WANTED – A Home – A lady teacher, from the East, having a business engagement in this city, offers her services as governess in exchange for the privileges of a home in a private family. The fact that she has held the position of teacher in Public High Schools at the East, constitutes her recommendation. Music, drawing and painting included in the instruction. City references given. Address "TEACHER," Tribune office.
WANTED – To sell our patented articles that are needed in every household. Liberal inducements offered to energetic men, with small capital. J. B. TURCHIN & CO., 92 and 94 Dearborn-st.
Wanted – $7, each, for overcoats, heavy cloth, black, gray, brown or blue, army style, (size to fit) sent by express to any address. T. C. LAMB, 254 South Water-st.
Wanted – $10,000, for two, three or five years, on inside real estate, worth double the amount. Will pay ten per cent, but no commission. Call or address 171 South Jefferson-st., West Side.
WANTED – A boy to feed a printing press, at 155 Randolph-st. Apply this morning. None but experienced hand wanted.
WANTED – Room-mate – By a young gentleman, having the comforts of a home, in a private family. Location most central and desirable. Address "M G S" Tribune office.
WANTED – Every mother in the city to bring their children to Brand's Photograph Rooms, 108 Lake-st., and have a handsome picture painted, for the father's Christmas present. E. L. BRAND, Proprietor.
[[double line]]

Partners Wanted.
PARTNER – Wanted – In a light manufacturing business, anywhere in this State. Profits large. Capital, $200 to $400. ABRAMS & DIXON, 130 South Clark-st., Room 16.
PARTNER – Wanted – Good mechanic, with $3,000 to $5,000, to engage in a foundry and machine shop. The best situation in the West. Call on the subscriber, JAS. WOLFE, Mattoon, Ill.
PARTNER – Wanted – With $5,000 to $10,000 to engage in an established grain, flour and general commission business in the best locality on South Water-st. Best of references given. Address, "C. H. B.," P. O. Box 720.
PARTNER – Wanted – With $325, to take an interest in a saloon, now doing a good business. Apply to PARSHALL & SMITH, 128 South Clark-st., Room 11.
PARTNER – Wanted – With a capital of $1000, in a new established and well paying dry goods business. Call at 421 1/2 Archer-road.
PARTNER – Wanted – To purchase one-fourth interest for the United States in a valuable patent right, out of which a pile of money can be made this winter. Price, $4,000. Am ready for word scooping in the money. Address Patent P. O. Box 2183, Chicago.
PARTNER – Wanted – In a light manufacturing business in Detroit or Cincinnati. Capital required $500. References required. HALE & CO. 41 Lombard Block.
PARTNER – Wanted – To take one-third or one-half interest in a manufacturing business, already established. Capital required $500 to $800. Address P. O. Box 556, Chicago, stating where an interview can be had.
[[double line]]

Horses, Carriages, &c.

FOR SALE—Something New—A very stylish C spring queen Phaeton, at A. McFARLANE'S, Carriage Maker, 245 and 247 State-st.
FOR SALE—A good family horse, sound and kind in every respect, and an excellent traveller. Sold for no fault, only owner has no time to use him. Apply to GEORGE F. FOSTER, 217 South Water-st.
A GOOD HORSE for sale 5 years old, cheap. 458 North Wells-st.
A No. 1 PAIR MULES for sale, 14 1-2 hands high, perfectly sound and gentle. Will be sold with harness. Price $450. Can be seen at 945 State-st.
A NICE Double Family Sleigh for sale. Also, three robes, and two straps of bells. Apply to W.T.SHUFELDT, 49 South Water-st.
A GOOD SOUND pair of Bay Matched Horses for sale, with harness and top buggy. Must be sold this week. Call at 124 Randolph-st., Room 1.
AN EXCELLENT pair of Carriage Horses, Carriage, &c., for sale, or exchange for real estate. QUIMBY & HAWLEY, No. 7 Reynolds Block.
FOR SALE—A good business or family Horse, sound and kind in every respect, and well broke to the city. Apply to OSCAR FIELDS, at Ed. Price's Livery Stable, 77 and 79 Randolph-st.
[[/left column]]

[[right column; the right edge of which is cut short]]

Situations Wanted=Males 


WANTED—By a first class Steward a situation in some first-class hotel. Is willing to go to any part of the United States. First-class reference given. Address, A.W. PRATT, Tribune Office.
SITUATION—Wanted—As Bill, Entry, Shipping or Receiving Clerk or Salesman, by a young man of good business qualifications and experience. Credentials satisfactory given. Please address Box 990, city.
SITUATION—Wanted—By a young German, as Gardener. Best of reference given. Inquire at No. 19 Chicago-av.
SITUATION—Wanted—By a young man from the country, in a private family, to take care of a team and carriage, and make himself useful. Address "G L," Tribune office. Good reference if required.
SITUATION—Wanted—As traveller, by one who can command a good trade in Northern Illinois and Iowa. Good references. Address "TRAVELLER," Tribune office.
SITUATION—Wanted—In an Insurance office by a man who has had an experience of many years, and thoroughly understands the business. Address "J F S," Tribune office.
SITUATION—Wanted—As bookkeepe
by a young man who was lately disengaged in tha
capacity. Undoubted city references given. Addres
" M K C," Box 21, Chicago, Ill.
SITUATION—Wanted—By a youn
man as bookkeeper or assistant bookkeeper in
wholesale, retail store or office, would commence a
porter, as he is used to work; is a good penman an
good in figures. Moderate wages expected. Good cit
references given; also references from first-class bus
ness men in Iowa. Address "BUSINESS," Tribun
SITUATION—Wanted—By an age
gentleman of practical business experience, 
take charge of almost any kind of business, either m
chinery, farming, warehouse, or an estate, either in o
out of the city. Best of references. Address "W M 
Box 843, Chicago, Ill.
SITUATION—Wanted—In the country 
by an experienced and thoroughly compete
druggist. Address "F L A" 10 South Clark-st.
SITUATION—Wanted—A boy 18 yea
old, wishes to learn the confectionery business
the barber trade. Address "BARBER," Chica 
SITUATION — Wanted — An acco
plished bookkeeper, engaged at present in a b
ness which affords several spare hours each
wishes to take charge of a set of books, and will
vote sufficient time during the day and evenings
that purpose, thus affording an opportunity of se
ing the services of a first-class bookkeeper at a m
rate cost. Excellent references furnished. Educa
thoroughly practical; has never been inside of a
cantile or business college. Address F. HERRON,
bune office.
SITUATIONS—Wanted, by two yo 
men, as bookkeepers, salesman or trave 
agents. Good city references given. Address "
W." Tribune office.
SITUATION—Wanted, by a young m 
in a wholesale or retail grocery store. Has
years' experience in retail business. The best o
references given. Please address "F F B," Tr
SITUATION—Wanted—To hardw 
men, storekeepers—An experienced man is o
an engagement in either of the above, as traveli
salesman. Excellent references. Address "G
Tribune office.
SITUATION—Wanted, by a young
as a bookkeeper, assistant bookkeeper, sales
something in that line. Can furnish city refere
required. [[Please?]] address, for two days, stating
&c., "H C M," 496 State-st.
[[double line]]


SITUATION—Wanted—An ex
enced and competent woman offers her serv
lady's nurse. Recently come to the city. Ca
satisfactory city references. Address P. O. D. 6351.
SITUATION—Wanted—To work
Sewing Machine, half time, for board, during
coming winter, by a young girl who has a Wheele
Wilson Machine. Address 22 East Washington-
SITUATION—Wanted—In a priv
family, to do general housework, by a girl
can bring good reference. Apply at 79 West 
SITUATION—Wanted, by a lady,
Alto in a quartette or choir. Has had consid
ble experience in church music. Address "H", 
bune office.
[[double line]]

Agents Wanted.

AND MAGIC POLISH. This recent and wonde
discovery cleans windows, show-cases, &c., and
ishes silver, brass, tin or glassware, with one-for
the labor and time required by any other method. 
requires no soap or hot water, makes no litter,
when used on glass leaves it free from lint and
fectly clear. Everybody wants it as soon as they
its effects. Agents can easily make from $3 to $10
day selling in their own neighborhood. All desir
pleasant employment - ladies or gentlemen, youn
old - with small capital, please call immediately or s
25 cents for sample and terms. G. M SMITH & C
77 Dearborn-st., Chicago. P.O. Box 6135.
AGENTS-Wanted-$150 per mon
everywhere, male and female, to sell the GEN
the greatest invention of the age. Price $18. Ev
Machine warranted three years. Address SECOM Co.,Cleveland, Ohio.
AGENTS-Wanted-$200 per month
male and female, to sell the BARTLETT SE
ING MACHINE-the best cheap machine made. A
dress W.DELOSS & CO., No. 168 Dearborn-st,, C
cago, Ill.
AGENTS-Wanted-Winter emplo
ment. $200 per month and expenses paid male
female agents, to introduce a NEW AND USEEU
INVENTION, of absolute utility in every househo
Agents preferring to work on commission can ea
from $20 to $50 per day. For full particulars addre
W. G. WILSON & CO., Cleveland, Ohio.
AGENTS-Wanted-Experienced boo
and engraving canvassers, to whom a large a
ary or commission will be paid. Address CHARLE
BILL, 132 South Clark-st., Chicago, Ill.
AGENTS-Wanted-To sell CHRIS
BLESSING CHILDREN, Sermon on the Moun
and The Great Command; also, 5,000 other kinds of e
gravings; also, 40 different kinds of maps and chart
including six new ones just issued. $10 a day mad
clear. For terms, address GOLDEN, SAMMONS
CO., 179 Lake-st., Chicago.
AGENTS-Wanted-To sell a new
highly interesting and richly embellished work
THE PICTORIAL BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS OF THE REBELLION, a beautiful royal octavo voulume, 200 pages and over 310 engravings. This work is one of the finest productions of the age, and the most popular book of the war. Over 12,000 copies ordered the first two months. Agents are making large sales, and say it is the best selling book they every sold
Energetic Agents will find it to their interest to engag
in the sale of this fast-selling book. Exclusive territo
ry and large commission given. Address J. A. STOD
DARD & CO., 102 Washington-set., Chicago Ill.
AGENTS-Wanted-Everywhere, to
sell Grant's celebrated CARPET BALLS, neve
before introduced into the United States by any liv
man. The greatest inducements ever offered to agent
in this or any other country. Apply to F. GRANT
919 West Lake-st. Chicago
AGENTS-Wanted-Male and female
Business at home. No capital required. Act
agents can make $3 daily. Address, with stamp,
DEVEREAUX, Drawer 6412, Chicago, Ill.
AGENTS-Wanted-For the AME
gant octavo volume, about[[600?]]pages, splendidly ill
trated and embellished with numerous fine engravin
by ROBT. STEWART, M. D. V. S., embodying the res
of twenty years' original investigation and hig
successful veterinary practice inthe great stock-
ing regions of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississi
embracing the nature, causes and treatment of m
diseases peculiar to the American Horse, and of
diseases heretofore considered incurable. Also an
tended treatise on Stock Raising and Stock Man
ment. Sold only by subscription. Send for our il
trated circular and terms, and you will see that
need look no further for the best and most salable
scription book extant. J. S. GOODMAN & CO.,
lishers, 5 Custom House-place, Chicago, Ill.
Agents-Wanted-Male and
male, with $3 to $10 capital, for the best pay
business extant. An agent in Michigan report
profit in half a day. Clergymen, teachers, and ot
having a little spare time, should send for particu
Address R. WAYVELL, Box 4781, Chicago.
Agents-Wanted-For the N
FEED, and New Looper Movement. P. ATKINS
164 Randolph-st., Room 6, Chicago, Ill.
AGENTS-Wanted-$1,500 per y
paid to Agents to introduce our new Se
Machine, Address SHAW & CLARK, Biddeford, M
or at Chicago, Ill.
Agents-Wanted-$150 per mo
I want Agents in every county in the U
States, in an entirely new business. Addres
SHAW, Alfred, Maine.
AGENTS-Wanted-For the
POPULAR and best selling Subscription
published. We are the most extensive publish
the United States, (having six houses) and the
can afford to sell books cheaper, and pay agents a
liberal commission, than any other company.
books do not pass through the hands of general a
(as nearly all other subscription works do, there
we are enabled to give our canvassers the extra
cent which is usually allowed to general agents
perienced canvassers will see the advantage of
ing to the publishers at once.  Our series embrace
most popular works on all subjects of importanc
agents, and all others, who want the best
agency will please send for circulars and s
terms, and compare them and the character
works with these of other publishers.  Address
tional Publishing House," No. 10 Lombard
Chicago, Ill.
Agents-Wanted-$2500 to $3
year-A good chance to make money. A
is wanted in every town in the Union to manu
and sell an article of daily consumption eve
lly. Can be manufactured in the agent's dwell
is entirely new; secured by copyright. Sa c
manent as flour; no fitting up to be done. F
ticulars, address, with stamp enclosed for
LOUIS COBLINTZ, Middletown, Md.
Agents-Wanted-For F
Moore's New Work, WOMEN OF THE
Agents will find this a book of real merit and in
value.  Subject new-intenseley interesting an
ting. No work ever attracted and engaged the
mind like this.  Thousands will purchase it as
an opportunity is afforded them. Intelligent and
males and females will find the sale of this
pleasant and lucrative employment.  This book
competitor; it comes fresh and new to the peopl
territory is clear.  Agents understand the adv
in this particular.  For full particulars, send
cular.  Address R. C. TREAT, 117 South C
[[double line]]

Lost and Found
Lost-$20 reward-The account
of schooner Rose Dousman. The above
will be paid the finder by leaving the same at th
and no questions asked.
Lost-Friday morning, between
ty-first st and Hyde Park, a Black and T
Answers to the name of "ROSA."  Any one re
her to 290 Calumet-av. or 20 State-st. will
$5 reward. Also, $5 reward for the return
young peacocks to 290 Calumet av.
Lost-$10 Reward-A very
black and tan slut, answers to the name o
SY." Any one leaving her at No. 319 Wes
ington-st. will receive the above reward.
LOST-At McVicker's Theatre, o
tween there and street Railroad office. M
evening last, a Mink Muff. A liberal reward
paid if left at this office.
LOST-On a Cottage Grove car, o
urday last, a volume of manuscript lect
Chemistry, also a copy of Yeoman's New Che
The finder will be suitably rewarded, by leavin
at Miss HILLS 12s State-st., or with the sube at the University of Chicago. R.WELCH.
LOST-$5 Reward-Lost Nove
12th, on MAdison st. car, between Dearbo
Green-sts., or on Green-st., from Madison to Ra
a lace handkerchief. Leave at this office.
LOST-A white and red spotted
with very short, broken horns, white
forehead. Whoever will leave word where the
found, at 141 South Clinton st., will be suitab
LOST-$10 Reward-This mor
near corner of Clark and Lake sts., a large
Brown Water Spaniel Dog, with white spots on
Had on leather collar, with brass trimmings. An
to the name of DANDY. By returning him to
Trunk Railway Office, 48 Clark st., the above r
can be obtained.
LOST-On Tuesday, November 18
east side of North State st., between Superi
Illinois, or on Illinois, between State and Cass, a 
fur collar. A suitable reward will be paid on l
it at 36 Cass st., corner Illinois.
LOST-Wednesday afternoon, in g
from Larmon Block, on Clark st., to Rich
House, or from there to Ohio st., near Rush st., 
et took, containing about $160. A reward of s
be paid to the party returning it to "G B," 6 L
LOST-$25 Reward-September
brown and white setter dog; answers
name of "Ponto," had on a leather collar, with
under the right eye, the hair rubbed off both fo
near the shoulder. The above reward will be p
his return to JOHN TRAINOR, 179 State st.
FOUND-An Afghan, which the o
can have by applying at 127 Third av., p
property, and paying for this advertisemnet
PERSONAL.-To Medical Studen
physician, who has a large medical and
practice an excellent library of modern text
and all the requisites for thouroughly educating
would receive into his family a gentleman of u
tionable habits, on terms which can be known
dressing, with real name and residence "DU
SEN," Tribune office.

[[/right column]]

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