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I came three days after Tuesday after my darling mother died. My father has sore eyes very badly and our mothers loss is so great to him, and he wishes that David would come home soon and help us. We expect to go back East anyway. I really do miss my mother very much. I was just thinking of giving her that jelly which you bought. Father sends his regards to you. I am trying my best all the time. I feel so sorry but I trust in God for he knew best to take our most beloved mother away. Alice Fletcher you spoke about letting some at least [[insert]] ^you were going to [[/insert]] try to let some Indian chiefs or important men from Omaha Ag'cy to go and visit the schools and cities and see things of interest. I wish when you speak to the Commissioner about it again please ask him to let three Winnebago Indians come East and they will

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take more interest in education more. I do want them to have more interest in educating the Indians My grandfather is one of the Council men and he always take a great deal of interest in education and he sends you his regards and asks you to help him and other two. I just wish three could go. My grandfather's name is [[underlined]] Tall Decorah. [[/underlined]] He is my mother's father poor man! he is just mourning now but he says she is safe in heaven and tries to comfort us all. He remembers you very well. I know that you will help me and my grand father also the other Winnebagoes and Omahas. My mother was a good Christian Miss Fletcher so I feel so much better. When you have the time write to me and advise me. I feel so