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"You treat us as men, and make us feel that we stand as men. We are now strong upon our land and will go forward fearing no one"

According to the Schedule of allotment furnished me by the Indian Office, 331 certificates were issued to the Omaha Tribe in 1871, 34 of which were cancelled officially. Of the 297 certificates left with the Indians 230 are herewith returned. These papers had been carefully preserved and the 67 certificates missing were all accounted for to me, they having been lost by fire, flood or other accident. As far as possible the regard shown these papers has been fully respected, and the principal portion [[strikethrough]] are [[/strikethrough]] of the land thus covered &c. [[strikethrough]] here [[/strikethrough]] is allotted to the same persons mentioned in the certificate, their descendents or near relations. The inroads of the Missouri river had carried away a few allotments