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[[paragraphs 11-15 appear to be struck through with a wavy line diagonally across the page]]

Di-che, cause to be; [[?wire]]-thin, as they travel the path of life, ta, shall; i, they; [[?]] da shall; 48,6[[?4]]

11. Ni, water, surface of the stream,[[?La-?-Ltha-?Ltha-?de]] ripples made by him as he pushed forth; hi the don, he went; a thing said; 51.77.

12.Ni, water, surface of the stream [[?ga ? ?]] ripples, ga ge. there; a thing said, 52,

13. [[?U-?non ?a ?means...? ?pa-?he ?a ?hin ?da]], I have made them [[??]], 53,

14. Zhin-ga. the little ones,[[? ? ?]]per chance; 27,36,54,72,

15. I a [[?skin; ?ga-........a ?hi ?called; i-they live to see; Ki-?the ?cause ?themselves ta; ?]] thin, as they travel the path of life, ta shall; i they; [[?]] da, should;

16. Ni. water; ga-po-ti. the sound of [[?]] struck; ga-ge [[?]]; these also; a, thing said, 33,70,

[[there is no 17]]

18.  Zhin-ga, the little ones; Wa-kon-da, [[?good]], hear their voices; a-non-keon, heard by him; hi; they; Ki-the. cause to [[?]]; [[?]]-thing can stay travel the path of life; ta shall; i, they; [[?]] da, shall, 37; 55; 73,

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