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14 of said reservation; thence north to the place of beginning, con-

15 taining about thirty-five acres.  The said lands

16 shall be appraised, in tracts of forty acres each, by three com-

17 petent commissioners, one of who shall be selected by the

18 Winnebago tribe of Indians and the other two appointed by 

19 the Secretary of the Interior:  [[italics]] Provided [[/italics]] That the following-

20 described parcel or part of land therein, as follows:  Lots

21 numbered three and four and the southwest quarter of the 

22 northeast quarter of section thirty-three, and lots numbered five

23 and six and the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of

24 section thirty-four, and the southeast quarter of section thirty-

25 three, and the southwest quarter of section thirty-four, all in

26 township twenty-seven north, range six east, containing five

27 hundred and thirty-four and eighty-five hundredths acres, here-

28 tofore sold to the Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha

29 Railroad Company for depot, warehouse, side track, and

30 other purposes for said company, by virtue of a contract

31 entered into between said tribe of Indians and said railroad

32 company, of the date of April seventeenth, eighteen hundred

33 and eighty-two, and now on file in the office of the Secretary

34 of the Interior, shall be excepted thereform; and said sale is 

35 hereby ratified and confirmed, and the Secretary of the Inte-

36 rior is hereby authorized, upon payment by said company of

37 the amount agreed upon as compensation for said lands, to

38 issue a patent to said company therefor.

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1 Sec. 2. That after the survey and appraisement of said

2 lands the Secretary of the Interior shall be, and he hereby is,

3 authorized to issue proclamation to the effect that unalloitted

4 lands at the date of the passage of this act are open for set-

5 tlement, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe.

6 That at any time within not less than six months nor more

7 than one year after the date of settlement under such

8 proclamation each bona fide settler occupying any portion of

9 said land, and having made valuable improvements thereon

10 or the heirs-at-laws of such settler, who is a citizen of the United

11 States, or who has declared his intention to become such,

12 shall be entitled to purchase, for cash, through the United

13 States land-office of the district in which said land is situated,

14 the lands so occupied and improved by him, not to exceed one

15 hundred and sixty acres in such case, according to the survey

16 and appraised value of said land as provided in section one of

17 this act: [[italics]] Provided, [[/italics]] That the Secretary of the Interior

18 may dispose of the same upon the following terms as to pay-

19 ments, that is to say: One-third of the price of said land to

20 become due and payable [[strikethrough]] one [[/strikethrough]] ^[[two]] years from the date of entry,
21 one-third in [[strikethrough]] two [[/strikethrough]] ^[[3]] years, and one-third in three ^[[4]] years from said
22 date, with interest at the rate of five per centum per annum; ^[[interest payable on 1st installment-one year from date of final Entry.]]
23 but in case of default in either of said payments, the person
24 thus defaulting for a period of sixty days shall forfeit abso-
25 lutely his right to the tract which he has purchased, and any
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