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Snyder. John p.[[underlined]]7[[underlined]]. 240.
Spisch [[?]] Jacob. p. [[underlined]]22[[underlined]].
Spisch [[?]] Sons [[?]]. p. [[underlined]]22 [[underlined]]
Small Norman p. [[underlined]]19 [[underlined]]
Stereus Annie p. [[underlined]]47[[underlined]]
St. Cyr Mrs Augustus [[?]] p.57 [[underlined]]68[[underlined]] [[underlined]]107[[underlined]].140.
Sharp.Ed. p 57-[[underlined]]56 [[underlined]].140
Smith John ^[[insertion]]2[[insertion]]. p 57. [[underlined]] 172 [[underlined]]
Styf [[?]] Ming p.[[underlined]]213[[underlined]]
Snyder Jacob.p [[underlined]].7[[underlined]].
[[strikethrough]] Su Geo.[[?]]. p.7.[[/strikethrough]] 
Smith James Mr. [[insertion]] 240 [[insertion]].1.p 76.111. [[underlined]] 168 [[underlined]] 200213
Soldier [[?]] Walking. p.92.110. [[underlined]]170[[underlined]].196.
Snowball [[?]] John p. 25. [[underlined]] 96 [[underlined]]. 110
Soul day [[?]] [[insertion]] Earth [[insertion]] p.95.226. [[underlined]] 230 [[underlined]]
Snowball. p.96.92.63.[[underlined]]110. [[underlined]] 170.196.
Sampson Peter p. 99. [[underlined]] 151 [[underlined]]
Sharpback p. 80 [[underlined]]169 [[underlined]] .185.202.
Seymore. Mrs[[?]] .p 103.166 187.253. [[underlined]] 252 [[underlined]]
Standing day p 84
St. Cry Michael. p.84. [[underlined]] 109. [[underlined]] 77.117.
St. Cry Alex p. 105.107.109. 117. [[underlined]] 128 [[underlined]] .140.
Smith Mrs Olter [[?]]. p.106. [[underlined]] 229 [[underlined]]
Smith James Sr [[?]] 2.p.107. [[underlined]] 139 [[underlined]] 175.117.
Soldier Norman. p.110.
Snake Mestin [[?]] Lee [[?]] p. [[underlined]] 122 [[underlined]]
Snake White p.122.
Sun. Geo. [[best guess]] p 121.142. [[underlined]] 143 [[underlined]] 152.174.202.
Seymour Geo. Whitewood. p. [[underlined]] 34. [[underlined]] 116
Sharpwing [[?]] [[strikethrough]] Henry [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion Isaac [[insertion]] p. [[underlined]] 25 [[underlined]]
Snake Edward. [[underlined]] 142. [[underlined]] 148.
Swallow Thor [[?]]. [[underlined]] 160 [[underlined]]
[[strikethrough]] Shikes [[/strikethrough]] [[?]] [[insertion]] Starting [[insertion]] Fin p. [[underlined]] 155. [[underlined]] 25.

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Small Snake p.68.36 [[underlined]] 254 [[underlined]]
Skunk [[?]] John .p [[underlined]] 153. [[underlined]]
Street Mrs Lucy p [[underlined]] 87  [[underlined]]
Seymour Jels [[?]] 166 [[underlined]] 253.[[underlined]] 252
Seymour Frank 166 [[underlined]] 253.[[underlined]] 252
Smith John (1) [[underlined]] 173 [[underlined]] 174 232.255.
Sharp wing [[underlined]] 185.[[underlined]] 218.
Small Norman. [[underlined]] 195. [[underlined]]
Swan Chief [[underlined]] 208.[[underlined]] 217.
Snowball Lucy [[underlined]] .241 [[underlined]]
Sapp. Geo. [[underlined]] 242.[[underlined]]
Sparman [[?]] [[underlined]] 224.[[underlined]] 243.
Snyder Mrs John [[underlined]] 261[[underlined]]
Snow Horace. [[underlined]] 254 [[underlined]]
Snow Peter. [[underlined]] 254.[[underlined]] .68
Seymour John [[underlined]] 253.[[underlined]] 252.
Smith Johnson [[underlined]] 251[[underlined]]
Smith Mrs James. [[underlined]] 139 [[underlined]]
Sun Old Mrs. [[underlined]] 142 [[underlined]]
Snake Peter [[underlined]] 10 [[underlined]]
Seymour Mrs A. [[underlined]] 253 [[underlined]]
Sinch acae Kaw [[?]] [[underlined]] 269 [[underlined]]
Seesuch [[?]] Kaw [[underlined]] 269 [[underlined]]
Snyder James [[underlined]] .6.[[underlined]]

[[end second column]]
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