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Josephine Nash
Josephine Nash married to Albert Nash merchant at Homer Neb.
Albert Henry Born 1876.
Agustine f. 1878.
Voletta 1880
Joseph M. 1882
Palagie f. 1884
Lewis 1887.
Mother of Mrs Nash. Wee unka.
Eng. name Mary Wilson ^We hunkaw husband name as patient Jas. Jackson.
2 children. Mrs Nash. and Ellen Wilson Ahorlitchemmomevega.
husband left her. 2 yrs ago. Husband Pawneekaw Father Pawnee
Mother Winnebago. Pawneekawis husband is Man eater.
Son of Pawneekaw Felix ^Connukaw about one 1/2 year. old. P. left wife before child
was born. P. has drawn annuities.
Mary Wilson. ^Neelah ^Mother ( [[strikethrough]] dad. [[/strikethrough]]^ [[??]] dead.) left Henry. French 8 yrs. f. Henry French [[strikethrough]] father [[/strikethrough]]^Jr. living
Emma ^[[Wilson]] Johnson. ^mother(dau. dead.) left. Henry Ihuso 14 yrs f. John Johnson living.
and Jos. Johnson. ^Sm John Johnson. married & ^(18 yrs) lives on res. married Jos. Amell's daughter

Josephine. Nash. 31 yrs.
(181) N. 1/2 N. E 1/4 & N. E. N. W. 1/4 Sec 35 & S. E. S. E 1/4 Sec. 26. T. 26. R. 6. 160 acres.
Albert Henry     12
(181) S. E. S. W 1/4 Sec. 26. T. 26. R. 6. 40 acres.
Agustine Maria.  10
(181) N. W. S. E. 1/4 Sec 26. T. 26. R. 6. 40 acres.
Violetta          8
(181) S. W. S. E 1/4 Sec. 26. T. 26. R.6 40 acres.
Joseph Morris     6
(181) N. E. S. W 1/4 Sec 26. T. 26 R. 6 40 acres
Palagie [[in pencil]]f[[/in pencil]] 4
(181) S. E. N. W 1/4 Sec. 26. T. 26. R. 6 40 acres
Lewis Anthony.    1
(181) S. W. N. E 1/4 Sec. 26. T. 26. R 6 40 acres
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