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Henry French Sr. Ah he ah no zhin Kaw (Standing top everything dead)[[strikeout]] in water [[/strikeout]]         Wolf

Henry French Sr. age 58 F. dead no bro or sis. M. Ernie Enne nucKaw (Sitting Alone) w. no bro or sis
No bro. 4 sis. ChonewinKaw ^former wife Jacob Lemon (Ocsisahka) present wife J. Lemon. wife of Geo. 
[[Shunder?]] & 1 wife Port. John. widower.

8 Sons. 3 daus.

(68.) W. 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 36. T. 27 R.8.}
W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 11 T.26 R 8          }[[strikeout]]T.26 R. [[/strikeout]]
160 acres.

1 Chay Kahaehe win Kaw(just come up) wife of Blackdeer.   36 
mo dead no bros or sis.

2 James full bro of above.  Shunk nanoon nekaw (lost dog)     23 years
married to Mary St. Cyr. dau. Augustas St. Cry [[missspelling?]]
Alloted see below.

3 Charles  Wana skap ma ne kaw (takes no notice.)        21 yrs.
Mother now wife of Ed. Sharp.
68  W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 12 T. 26. R.5.                      80 acres.

4 John     Mona nis kaw (splits the ground.)             19 yrs.
mo. dead. no bro or sis.

(68)  W. 1/2 S.E. 1/4 Sec 2. T. 26. R.8                  80 acres.

5  Maud.   Kathacho winkaw (clear heavens.) Henukaw       8 years.
mo. Mary Blackhawk  F & M dead. 1 sis Lizzie Blackhawk
enrolled with Jacob Lemon.

(68) S.E. 1/4 S.E 1/4 Sec 2. T. 26. R.8                  40 acres.

James French age 23. 
Married to ^[[Wchuukaw?]] Mary St Cry age [[strikeout]]28[[/strikeout]] 19
F. Aug. St Cry dead. bro Alex St. Cry. Mo no wife of Jos. Longtail.

(340) W 1/2 & SE. 1/4 & S.E. 1/3 N.E. 1/3 Sec. 36. T. 27.R.8.  160[[acres]]

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Charles Houton. Mazeehukaw. (walking as mystery)    Fish.

Chas. Houton. Age. 44  F. dead. no bro or sis. M. dead no bro or sis.
no bro. or sis.
Married to Cho nue kar winkaw (belongs to Bear.) aged 32   Bear.
F. dead no bro or sis  M. He nue karwinkaw  1 bro. John Twin Jas Twin nona
and Mink woman.  Mothers' mother living. Jun ba ke ru chig ? kaw. (looking cross ways). 4th dau.  No bro or sis.  2 children.

E 1/2 S.W 1/4 Sec 9. T.26 R.9}                 }
(299) S.W 1/4 S.W 1/4 Sec 3}  T. 26. R.6.      }      160 acres
S.W. 1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec. 10   }                   }

1 Taylor     Wa bes skakaw (white day)                  6 yrs.

(299) S.E 1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec 10. T.26. R.6                40 acres.

2 Henry   No watchkohoon kaw (half chief)               4 

(299) N.W. 1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec. 10. T.26.R.6.              40 acres.

Transcription Notes:
All allotment identifications were written in red. I put parenthesis around name meanings for clarification. AW.

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