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Little Ox. Jr. My char wink shick kaw  (Person on Land}.
Little Ox Jr. Age. 36. F dead. no brs or sis. M. dead. No bro. 1 sis.
wife of Levin. No bro. 1 sis. He nuck nir rachar kaw ^[[Mrs Rani mix]] {Woman Traveling on Earth).
Married to Hunk Gay win kaw. (Queen Woman) F. dead. 1 sis. Mrs. Geo. Tebo.  M. dead. no bro or sis. No. bro. or sis.
3 children    2 step children  See p. 193.

(263) W 1/2 N. W 1/4 Sec. 22.}
      E 1/2 N. E 1/4 Sec. 21 } T. 26 R. 7.       160 acres.

1  Many. Neahtagay winkaw                         16 yrs.

Mo. dead.  [[strikethrough]] dead [[/strikethrough]] was an orphan  no Uncles or aunts.  lives with Henry Rice Hill. related to his wife thro. F.

(263) N. E. 1/4 S. E 1/4 See 21. T. 26. R. 7.     40 acres.

2  Heen pe win kaw. [[strikethrough]] Nellie Rice Hill [[/strikethrough]] ^[[insert]] Lily.[[/insert]]
full sis of [[?]]                                 13 yrs.

(263) S. W. 1/4 N. E 1/4 Sec 21. T. 26. R. 7.     40 acres.

3  Ma ne khet tae win kaw. Cyrus.                  3 yrs
mother present wife.

(263) N.W. 1/4 S.E. 1/4 Sec. 21. T. 26. R.7.      40 acres.

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Geo. Whitebear.   Hunk shee na zhe kaw. (Standing on high).

Geo. Whitebear  Age. 28. F. dead. 1 bro. Stiff Wing. no. sis. M. dead. no bro nor sis.
No. bro or sis.
Married to He nucwachhey he win kaw. F. John Cloud. ^[[no. bro or sis.]] Mo Some nuc kaw.  now wife Sam. King Jr. Mo. a Wis. Winnebago. 
1 child.
Mickaw. [[?]] wife Sam. King Jr. Mr. a his Dunnubags.
1 child. 

(430)  S.W 1/4 N.E. 1/4 Sec. 6. T. 26. R.9.
[[strikethrough]] 340[[/strikethrough ]] 
Lot 1. S.E. 1/4 N.E. 1/4 & 
N.E. 1/4 S.E. 1/4 Sec. 2. T.26.R7.            160.09 acres

1  Ha E win kaw.           Fanny             f.     13 yrs.
Mother.   Heen cho win kaw.  now wife John Lincoln.
enrolled with mother.

(430) Lot. 2. Sec. 2. T.26. R.7.               4020. acres.

Thunder Twin.  Wa rae cha na Kaw  Enrolled. Thunder Red shirt.  Twin.  57 age. F., M. ^[[& twin]] dead. No Uncles or Aunts. No bro or sis.  Married Ne hunkaw. F & M. dead. No Uncles or Aunts or bro or sis.
all children dead.  wife. 1 dau. married to John Decora.

(294) S.E.N.E. 1/4 } Sec 21. T. 26. R.9.}      
   N.E. 1/4 S.E. 1/4}                   }
E 1/2 S. E. 1/4 Sec. 21. T. 26 R. 8     }       160 acres.

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