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shall succeed with it. When Mr Gurley was here on Thursday I asked if mention could not be made of your being now engaged in the study of the Osage — & further study may reveal inaccuracies in the acct. given in the book. He said he would ask Mr. Hodge — he did not know what was the rule in reference to work in progress & not completed.

A letter from Miss Proctor says in answer to what I wrote her of you. "Isn't it fine that Mr La Flesche has such fitting work — My congratulations and regards to him." Miss P. may be in Washington sometime this winter.

It seems strange that Mrs Eberhart does not write. I wrote her asking about Mr. Cadman last Tuesday. It is most pitiful to think of him cut short in his promising career. Perhaps you have heard something do not fail to let me know.

I am anxious to hear how the work goes with you, if the old man is all right — and if you have good opportunities to work with him in the rituals — I wish our machine had been fit to use for I wanted to hear some of the songs. Miss Cork has written me that Mr. Abner Asst Com. brought some records from Fort Hall & she will bring them for me to hear but our machine is not fit and I don't know what to say — Goodbye — God bless & keep you —
Ever Affectionately
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