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of him since the Council Meeting at Providence. Did I tell you that the Institute has taken rooms in the Octagon Building cor. New York Ave & 19th (I think) beyond the Corcoran Art Gallery? I do so wish you had stayed longer there are things I want so much to talk over with you. I did not like to go to the Smithsonian, for fear it might look as tho. I was having a hand in your work, for I want you to have all possible credit for it. I do not mean by that, that I do not want or do not intend, to do all I can for you and help you in every way, but all that will be between us — I want you to win a wide recognition — and I shall do everything I can to help you, just as long as God spares my life. If you will be kind & loving it will help me to live. I've been almost sick since your naughty letter of New Years Day, be my own dear Francis always —

Ever Affly
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